A Review of 2016

At the end of every month I try — often failing — to clean up the massive mess that comes with being a designer. File organization, sorting, and the desperate attempt to create a naming convention to keep it all straight for future use is frustrating to say the least.

At the end of December I realize, maybe for the first time, that an entire year has quickly passed. Rather than becoming frustrated with the even larger task of trying to clean up a year’s worth of work, I’ll instead take this cleanup time to review the year.

2016 was truly an incredible and frustrating year. I met some unbelievable people, started a new company, and did some pretty killer work, I hope. So here are sixteen of my favorite creations from 2016, some that are in my portfolio, others that are not, ideas I played with, and even some that were rejected by the client that I can’t help but love.